DecoArt Americana Decor Silver Matte Metallics Craft Paints. 8oz

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DecoArt Americana Decor Silver Matte Metallics Craft Paints. 8oz


Add a classic, matte metallic sheen to furniture and home decor projects. Curing to a hard finish, this formula offers excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces. Its ultra-fine pigments delivers a rich finish that is perfect for subtle-accenting or full-coverage application.
Durable, low-sheen metallic finish
Ultra-fine pigments for a rich, smooth finish
Soap and water clean-up
Made in the USA
How to use
Shake well. Clean surface. For a uniform finish, apply 2 coats with brush using long continuous strokes ending in the same direction. Allow 2-3 hours dry time between coats. Finely sand between coats. Covers approximately 25 sq. ft. Water-based. Indoor/outdoor. Soap and water cleanup.
For a textured look, use a high-density foam roller instead of a brush.
Clean stencils quickly before paint dries.
No primer or sealer is needed before painting or to protect the finish afterwards.
Clean surface well before painting. Tough stains and loose paint can be removed with a power washer.
Make sure surface is dry before painting.
Fill any holes or scratches on wood surfaces with paintable wood filler. Let dry and sand smooth. Remove dust.
Brushing in one direction will ensure a smooth finish.
For a burnished look: base coat surface and let dry. Apply a second coat of Matte Metallics paint, in the same color or a contrasting color, using a round wax brush in a circular motion.



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